Friday, December 17, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger 'Little Rock' Jeans

I agree in theory with the idea that if you want a vintage look, you should wear vintage. But when was the last time you walked into the Salvation Army and found a pair of jeans as cool as these? The denim has vintaged fading and whiskering, but the cut is totally updated with a lower waist and a slimmer leg. Part of the Tommy Hilfiger 'Icon' collection, I'm choosing to ignore the obvious hubris and enjoy the pieces.


  1. I have a somewhat (completely?) irrational aversion to all thing Tommy Hilfiger. Perhaps I should get over it.

    But still. Nice jeans.

  2. Those jeans do look cool, in a photograph.

    The whole problem with wearing machine "whiskered" pants is that the fading does not conform to your body. If you really broke in a pair of pants, the "whiskering" would be custom to where your butt, your knees, your legs wore out the jeans by wearing them over and over again.
    Usually vintage looks more authentic than artificially made whiskers/fading, but even when I wear my dads old 501s that were worn from dark to light, almost white denim, the fading at the knees is below my own and it just doesn't look right. It looks cool, but off in a subtle way. When something is off, it's off.

    But still (I agree w. ACH). Nice jeans.


  3. Pre-faded jean-makers never had the guts to go for the back pocket wallet-fade or the can of dip circle-fade. Now that would have been funny.

  4. These jeans look so amazing!

    Lovely blog!